• Pendle Hill – Waterstone Collection

    Warm cream and beige clusters meander throughout Pendle Hill™ to create a mesmerizing effect accentuated with darker specks to attract additional interest.
  • Oakmoor – Oceanic Collection

    Named for a small English village dating back to medieval times, Oakmoor aligns strands of caramel, tan, and cream to resemble the wood grain of stately […]
  • Minera – Jewel Collection

    Luminous shades of gunmetal, steel and pewter sparkle like precious metals taken from the Minera Mines in the mystical land of Wales.
  • Mersey – Marble Collection

    Mersey is a deep, glassy black daubed throughout with white streaks that flash like lightning against a starless night sky.
  • Havergate – Waterstone Collection

    Freeform dabs and daubs of noble coppers, golds, tans, and pewter coalesce in Havergate™ to form an impressionistic masterpiece.
  • Galloway – Coastal Collection

    Deep and mysterious like the waters off a rocky coast, Galloway lures furtive glances. It is a mix of sea, sand and time and shines like […]
  • Brittanicca – Marble Collection

    Grand and majestic in stature, Brittanicca calls to mind the great rivers that flow through the United Kingdom with the many villages and cities dotted along […]
  • Brittanicca Warm – Marble Collection

    Warm translucent grey veins stream across a temperate white backdrop like venerable old rivers flowing into a fog-bound harbor.
  • Beaumont – Coastal Collection

    Soft swirls of warm cream and beige are accented with shimmering gold and crystal-white veining to create a gracious and welcoming effect.